Zeton has developed a project execution approach that is as unique and scale-specific as our plants themselves. Designed to assist our customers in navigating the various stages of project approval, it has culminated in a 3-step process. It’s Engineered Thinking in action!

Phase 1

Basic Engineering Design

Zeton’s engineers work closely with our customer’s project team in the early-stage development of the plant. Engineering services for new plant projects include: pre-engineering, consulting and conceptual engineering, cost estimation and feasibility studies, and basic (front-end) engineering design studies.

Phase 2

Detailed Design, Procurement, Fabrication and Factory Testing

Detailed design, procurement and fabrication are executed in parallel on a fixed price, lump sum basis. This minimizes the risk of cost overruns for our customers, and allows Zeton to optimize manpower allocation and compress the overall project schedule. The final activity in this phase is a comprehensive, customer-witnessed factory acceptance test (FAT) in Zeton’s shop.

Phase 3

Shipping, Installation and Start-Up Support

Following shipping to the customer’s site by road, rail, water or air, Zeton’s engineers and technicians are available to provide on-site installation and start-up support, as requested by our customers. Once the plant is operational, Zeton can provide ongoing technical support to help our customers meet the objectives of their research and development program.